May 27, 2018

It is a traditional competition with the ancient crossbow from a position. The Balestrieri of Gubbio and those of Sansepolcro, wear the characteristic period costumes and meet every year in the exceptional scenery of Piazza Grande.

The competition consists in centering the "rate", a target placed 36 meters away and the crossbowman who manages to hit the nearest point in the center of the target receives as a reward the Palio, a valuable banner made each year by a well-known artist. During the event there is a virtuosic and spectacular performance of the flag-wavers. At the end of the event a historical parade winds through the streets of the city.

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August 14, 2018

The four Districts of Gubbio, Sant'Andrea, San Giuliano, San Martino and San Pietro, return to challenge each other in the traditional Tournament of August 14th 2018.

In the late afternoon, at 19.30, the Historical Parade composed of over 550 participants, starts from Via Dante and then winds along the city streets; at 20, the entrance to Piazza Grande.

After the "Sonata del Campanone" the competition between the four Districts begins, to win the Palio of victory, in the exciting contest of the ancient Italian crossbow.

19 -20 August 2018

It is one of the most evocative manifestations of the city. A single market of its kind, because it is a real market, with a strict disciplinary to be able to participate: only local products, artisan, of excellent quality; unique because the market has an inn in which the hosts are supplied directly to the stalls of the market, so that those who visit can taste what they buy first.

Another peculiarity is the used coin, in three denominations that can be obtained at the exchange desk: the quattrino, the eugubino and the ducato, the result of an unprecedented historical and artistic research for the city.

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