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"Montereano" is an Ecological and Biodinamic Farm at the top of the hill in front of Gubbio and Palazzo dei Consoli, producing ancient typical grains and beans of Central Italy. Its name come from Mons Iulianum (Mount of Jupiter) - Montelujano - archetype heart of Central Italy, a name chosen by the distinguished english writer Foster, and by the geologist and anthropologist eugubino Guido Bonarelli - grandfather of the present owner Francesca to indicate the resting place waiting for him after the 


ASSISI: we advise you to stop and admire Giotto's frescoes in the Upper Basilica and in the chapel of S. Nicola in the Inferiore.

SIENA: starting from the Lorenzetti frescoes depicting "The Good and the Bad Government" in the Palazzo Pubblico, you can continue your visit by visiting the Church of Santa Maria della Scala and at the Museum Complex of the ancient Medieval Hospital adjacent to the church.


Via Montereano 1 06024
Gubbio Perugia Italia

P. IVA 06351420960


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